CryptoPerformance Ecosystem

CrytoPerformance Ecosystem


Launchpad for Innovative Projects
”Fostering growth and development within the ecosystem" New projects, gain community exposure, fuels growth

CP PAD is a Web3 launchpad that fuels innovative projects and empowers decentralized growth.

As part of the CPCoin and CP BANQ ecosystems, CP PAD streamlines the process of launching new projects and helps them gain exposure to a wider audience.

With its streamlined interface and comprehensive suite of features, CP PAD provides a simple and intuitive way for developers to launch new projects and gain access to the latest tools and resources.

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CP Gaming

Web3 Gaming
”Gaming experienes and opportunities within Web3" Suite of tools and resources for Web3 gaming

CP GAMING is a Web3 launchpad that empowers developers to create innovative new gaming projects.

By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, CP GAMING streamlines the process of creating new games and enables developers to connect with a wider audience.

With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, CP GAMING is a leading platform for the next generation of gaming experiences.

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CP Platform

Online Fintech Platform
”The Buy & Hold Platform"
CPCoin, Assets and Eductation

The CryptoPerformance Platform allows users to grow their crypto knowledge and experience through a suite of tools and resources located online.

Users can purchase and hold CPCoins, assets and gain access to international projects located on the CPCx0 Chain, while connecting with experts globally.

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NeoBanking Platform
"The Power of Crypto in Your Pocket"
CP Visa Crypto Card, IBANs, App

Helps users manage their cryptocurrency accounts with the ability to track expenses, manage investments, and spend cryptocurrencies like cash.

CP BANQ allows users to access the world’s best crypto assets all in one App. The App is designed to make managing, tracking, and investing funds simple. Users can easily swap cryptos to FIAT, check transaction history, track funds, pay bills and invoices, and transfer money to any account globally.

CP BANQ provides the CP Crypto Visa card, allowing for crypto transfers and global withdrawals from ATMs, online and offline payments and global transfers through associated IBANs.

CP BANQ is secure and compliant, with 24/7 support, KYC compliant and ensures security for fraud and third party interference.

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Investment Portal
”Investing into various digital assets and CPCx0 Chain Projects"
Web3 launchpad for investments

CP INVESTMENTS is a Web3 launchpad that connects investors with the latest innovative projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Through CP INVESTMENTS, users can access a comprehensive range of investment opportunities, including ICOs, STOs, and IEOs.

By connecting investors with cutting-edge projects, CP INVESTMENTS helps to drive innovation in the digital currency space and provides opportunities for growth and wealth creation.

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Secure Storage Solution
”Secure storage solution for digital assets"
Trust Service, Custody Solutions

CP SAFE is an advanced trust service designed to provide users with secure and efficient custody solutions.

Through CP SAFE, users can receive Euro, Dollar, and Pound Sterling IBANs to facilitate payments in both fiat and crypto.

Additionally, CP SAFE offers a range of crypto wallets to enable users to easily manage their digital assets. By placing values into custody, businesses can grow their wealth and invest in innovative projects.

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CP Merchant

Cryptocurrency payment system
”Solution for businesses to accept crypto payments"
Crypto payment solutions

CP MERCHANT is an advanced payment solution that enables businesses to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

With its streamlined interface and fast, secure transactions, CP MERCHANT provides a simple and efficient way for businesses to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their existing payment systems.

By reducing fees and improving security, CP MERCHANT is helping to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency payments across a wide range of industries

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Cryptocurrency Exchange
”Secure, user-friendly trading platform for crypto and digital assets" Trading interface, trading options

CP EXCHANGE is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that provides users with a comprehensive range of trading options.

With its cutting-edge technology and secure trading platform, CP EXCHANGE enables users to easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies across a wide range of markets.

By providing a simple and intuitive trading interface, CP EXCHANGE is helping to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream investment asset.

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Crypto Mobile App
”Mobile app for seamless crypto payments and management" App, payment system integration

CP PAY APP is an advanced payment solution that enables businesses to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

With its streamlined interface and fast, secure transactions, CP PAY APP provides a simple and efficient way for businesses to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their existing payment systems.

By reducing fees and improving security, CP PAY APP is helping to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency payments across a wide range of industries.

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HR Crypto Payment Solution
”Payroll solution for businesses to pay employees in crypto" Payroll system

CP PAYROLL is a streamlined payroll solution that simplifies the process of distributing salaries in cryptocurrencies.

By enabling businesses to easily distribute salaries to employees around the world, CP PAYROLL is helping to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the workplace.

With its fast, efficient transactions and low fees, CP PAYROLL is a leading solution for businesses looking to improve their global payment systems.

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Blockchain Based Charity
”Charity through the power of blockchain" White label solutions, Cryptonaires song
CP Charity is a blockchain based philanthropy guaranteeing funds are distributed as intended.

It aims is to assist in alleviating poverty, combating inequality and assisting in the wellbeing of people and the planet.

CP Charity provides white label solutions for new and existing charities, worldwide, to use the power of blockchain for a secure, transparent and easy solution.

CP Charity ”Cryptonaires” original song donates all proceeds to global charities.

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CPCx0 Chain Product

Voting: assists in conducting online elections with confidence and reliability, through blockchain technology.

Email: decentralized email solutions to assist in protecting digital rights of email users.

Messaging: blockchain messaging solutions to provide users with areliable, decentralized alternative to mainstream messengers.

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CPCx0 Chain Product

Allows the global community to create own Cx0 tokens on the CPCx0 Chain in the Cx0 Developer Center.

Personalized customer service for individuals, businesses and corporations. Allows the creation of customised tokens and digital assets with unique features such as fixed supply, fixed rate issuance, and token burning.

Moreover, the Cx0 Developer Center provides a range of tools for managing and distributing tokens, such as an easy-to-use wallet, an API for integrating tokens into existing platforms, and analytics tools to track token usage and performance.
With a low learning curve and quick time-to-market, the Cx0 Developer Center enables developers and businesses to create and deploy customized tokens quickly and efficiently, making it a powerful tool for creating value-driven solutions on the CPCx0 Chain.

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CP Metaverse

Step into a new world where your digital dreams come alive. Play thrilling games, support worthy causes, and explore innovative ways to handle finances. In the CP Group Metaverse, we make the future of the digital world both exciting and easy to navigate. Join us on this captivating journey!

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CPCx0 Chain Product

Digital creation and trading solution for creators, collectors, traders who want to monetize artwork and other collectibles by turning them into non-fungible tokens.

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CPCx0 Chain Product

The CPCoin ecosystem offers multi-asset support, allowing users to easily access and manage a diverse range of digital assets within the CryptoPerformance Ecosystem.

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CPCx0 Chain Product

Crowdfunding through blockchain allows more capital to be donated in a non-traditional way.

Allows users to expand the possible pool of donors, provides more transparency and fewer restrictions.

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